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Believe in something greater than your fears...

In 2020 we had a vision, 20/20 vision! To EMPOWER those who struggle with anxiety. To raise awareness by creating a much needed shift in how we talk about mental health issues. We begin this journey with a branding that gets people talking! As we share our story and you share yours we fight our fears as a community.

We are honored to donate a percentage of our profits to organizationss who support this cause. We look to the future with hope.



My name is Remi Young. I am 15 years old and a 10th grader at Berwick Academy in Berwick Maine. Through my own personal journey, I have come to the realization that there are struggles we should not fight alone. There are times that our lives can be made more meaningful by helping others.  We can create a dialogue to better understand one another, empower each other and thrive as unique individuals whose path is connected by a common thread. We may be strangers but can see ourselves as friends we havent yet met.


It's clothing with intention. Please support this wonderful cause and wear our brand with confidence.



Anxiety is a powerful force that has the ability to control someone's life. It has been recorded that 40 million Americans (18.1%) experience anxiety in a year.  8% of children and teenagers have this disorder and only 36.9% of people that are diagnosed are treated properly* (1). There are 6 main types of anxiety. The types include: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Specific Phobias, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder* (2).



After we receive your order, allow 3 business days handling time. We ship using USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail depending on quanity purchased. After the item has shipped you should receive your item in 1-3 business days.



We want our customers to buy with confidence. We think our products are top notch and are sold for a worthy cause. We do not take back worn or altered clothing. Return shipping is paid by you and we will honor an exchange  only for the same item. Please contact support with questions or concerns.

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